Interact with shoppers before they ever step into your store.  Personalize offers and deals for your most loyal shoppers as they browse your catalog or create shopping lists while at home. Tie-in to local store locations and centralized e-commerce warehouses to identify items available for immediate shipping or in store purchase.  Create incentives for visiting local store locations through additional offers and bonuses.  


Once in the store, the shopper is automatically checked-in and a complete personalized and guided shopping experience is presented through the retailer's app.  Physical and online browse history is recorded and maintained for advanced analytics and customization of instant as well as future offers based on shopping intent. 


Continue the connected shopping experience through checkout. A shopper's mobile device automatically connects to the in store payment systems and inventory tracking.  The user is presented with a real time dashboard of items in their cart, attached coupons, offers and promotions. Lowest cost payment options are automatically selected and associated incentives applied.  No need to swipe or tap a card or phone - all payments are handled with a single scan and a click. 


During and after completion of a payment, the shopper is presented with options to pick credit line extensions or short term payment plans while also extending associated services such as alterations, installation, upgrades, etc. Retailers may also provide suggestions on items that complement recently purchased goods, which can be shipped home via an e-commerce option. For any returns, retailer clerks can automatically add return coupons and/or cash awards to a shopper's account.  


Omnyway works across types of in-store systems, e-commerce sites, and native mobile apps. Omnyway deployment is void of any in store hardware dependencies, and a robust set of APIs assures minimal integration, with no need for recertification.  This leads to a consistent shopping experience for your shoppers across all of your channels. 


Omnyway is designed to be independent of the shoppers' smartphone hardware or mobile operating system. The solution is designed to leverage functions that are available across all mobile devices--the camera, bluetooth and GPS. The solution allows on-boarding and participation by a vast majority of shoppers, with very little shopper training required.