Enable new forms of checkout that not only speed up the movement of shoppers through the store but also provide them with a much better user experience. Fast Checkout with Omnyway, removes the need to scan and apply coupons, offers and loyalty points at checkout, drastically reducing the overall time.  Express Checkout Lanes with Omnyway, allow for the creation of unmanned lanes without the need for POS hardware, which can be spread through out the store. Self checkout with Omnyway allows users to walk into a store, scan the items they want with their mobile device and pay for them automatically--as they leave the store. The resulting cost savings are recognized in reconfiguring stores away from massive checkout areas, reduction in checkout staff and decrease in shopper wait times and subsequent cart abandonment. 


What if in-store inventory could be supplemented with the power of warehousing long tail items, and making them available by shipping to home while the shopper is in store. Such Virtual Aisles initiatives are supported through the Omnyway platform. Retailers can minimize inventory carrying costs and contain costly mark downs while giving customers an experience that they have only experienced in e-commerce.  The Omnyway solution can convert any surface in the store into a point of commerce, thereby expanding the possibilities of how virtual aisles are defined, ranging from tags on items to dynamic TV displays and interactive kiosks.


Transaction fees are still a major contributor to overall costs of retail operations. The good news is that the industry is rapidly developing alternatives to costly credit card fees, with the wider availability and issuance of Store Branded Cards, Co-Branded Cards, Debit Cards and Upcoming Real-Time ACH. The OmnyPay platform is designed to support all methods of payments, while giving the retailer control over which payment products they will allow or promote.  


The cost of mailing, redeeming and the overall handling of paper coupons makes them highly inefficient and costly to merchants. In addition, shoppers tend to misplace paper coupons and rewards, leading to degraded customer experience and decreasing overall loyalty. Omnyway ensures that coupons, offers and promotions available to a shopper can be efficiently redeemed and processed, by making them digitally available through all stages of the shoppers journey.  In addition, manufacturer coupons can be redeemed at an SKU level during checkout, without ever having to clip them.