We have changed our name to Omnyway

Some of you may have noticed that we recently changed our name - OmnyPay is now Omnyway.  As expected, we have been asked by a few folks over the last 24 hours ... why the name change? Here is a quick update on why we did this ... 

Over the last year, it has been repeatedly highlighted by our customers and prospects that they think of our company as a payment company due to the Pay in the OmnyPay name. While this may have been partially true in the very early days, we have long since evolved into a comprehensive Contextual Digital Commerce Platform that is core to the digital transformation efforts of our large retailer customers.

We decided on Omnyway because it is broader then just payments and it provides for an easier transition from the current name, allowing us to leverage the awareness of our previous name. The new url is omnypay.com. (bear with us as we make the transition and update the site)

We are excited with our new brand identity, as we move forward towards building Omnyway - The Contextual Digital Commerce Highway.