leverage BRAND PAY

Retail transactions have always been driven by a relationship between the merchant and the shopper. In recent years, major advances have been made to harness digital technologies in order to expand the reach of retailer brands, while leveraging creative loyalty mechanisms to ensure repeat purchases from shoppers. Adding payments into these digitization initiative creates a branded checkout experience for retailers that emerges in many forms and is collectively called 'BRAND' pay.


The prevalence and broad adoption of smart phones and mobile devices, has opened a direct omni-present channel between retailers and their shoppers. In parallel, the emergence of advanced cloud-based technologies is allowing for a complete revamp of retailer back-ends and how they integrate third party services and functions. Combining the two allows for an always connected, always authenticated line of communication between merchant and shopper.


Retail is also going through a dramatic shift, where the focus is moving away from product mix and low prices, to a branded experience unique to each retailer, which differentiates it from online and other physical store players.  The shoppers journey now starts at home, continues through the store, through checkout and then continues on as they leave the store and are prompted to come back.


Several third parties have been making attempts to grab the payment piece of retail digitization, essentially creating confusion and a discontinuous experience, while influencing shopper loyalty and moving it away from the retailer brand.  The end result is a disjointed shopper experience, that not only causes friction, but also reduces retailer influence and loyalty. The time has come for retailers to take back their brand, and Omnyway can help them do this.