enhancing the capability of mobile apps

Early initiatives in mobile application design have focused on recreating the web experience within an app framework.  Omnyway allows the app framework to extend beyond what the web experience can offer.  

leverage cards on file

Most successful retailer e-commerce programs have users with existing cards on file that have been previously used for purchases. Omnyway's solution allows the shopper to connect those cards to their retailer app with one click, essentially making that same card available for in-store, in-app and online purchases. The retailer retains control over which cards are preferred as well as which cards are presented at the top of the wallet. In addition to the quick association of cards on file, the Omnyway solution also allows for the creation and addition of new payment accounts with just 2 steps.  


Loyalty comes in various forms - special deals, promotions, cash back bonuses and redeemable reward points. The Omnyway platform connects the user loyalty profile with their payment profile, creating a single click transaction where not only can the system intelligently pick the best combination of deals, promotions and points redemption, but also give the shopper the flexibility to fine-tune what they would like to use at the beginning of the checkout process. 

in store communication

Create a direct channel between the shoppers and the retailer while they are in the store and while they are checking out. Retailers can allow this channel to serve as a means of education, customer help and product promotion. It can also act like a virtual shopper assistant automatically guiding the shopper to various items of interest and deals of the day.


OmnyPay allows for easy redemption and promotion of merchant and vendor coupons, all through a single interface. The real time connection to in-store systems as well as the POS allows for SKU level details to be captured, which can be leveraged for targeted coupons and deals.