Omnyway creates the fabric that connects the elements of the shopper's journey with the retailer, allowing for branded touch points and unified experiences at all interactions.

at home

The shopper can connect to the retailer through the retailer's mobile app. While in this mode, the shopper creates and edits their profile, adds new payment tenders, selects items of interest they would like to try while in store and also get updates from nearby locations on current specials. All this information gets stored against the shopper profile and starts building the shopper's analytics

in store browsing

Once in the store the shopper is automatically prompted to download/open the app, and location-relevant information opens automatically.  In addition SELF CHECKOUT and VIRTUAL AISLE capabilities also get enabled.  The locations of items in store as well as real-time inventory are displayed.

in store checkout

The shopper gets connected to the In store checkout systems, shopper profile based offers get automatically applied, SKU level promotions are included, a multitude of payment options are presented and the most cost effective ones are automatically selected. In addition, non cash tenders such as points and gift cards also get applied. The shopper can set their profile towards a certain buy behavior which will ensure that offers, points and rewards applied maximize the value each shopper is seeking.

ONLINE e-commerce

The shopper gets the same dashboard of coupons and promotions presented, just as they saw in store. The systems allows for transfer of the web-based cart to the consumers mobile app, covering both multi-factor authentication requirements while also reducing cart abandonment by minimizing the information that the shopper needs to enter.


The in-app experience combines the ease of a simplified user dash board while also leveraging the ease of a one-touch for execution of a payment with the selected tender.  

virtual aisle

Omnyway's solution allows for Virtual Aisles to act as an extension of in-store inventory. These interfaces present shoppers with multimedia depictions of items that can be purchased as compliments or alternatives to items the shopper is interested in while browsing through the store. The one scan buy feature allows for instant purchase of the item against the user's stored profile.

across all media touchpoints

Since the entire solution can work through the simple scan of a QR code, essentially any surface can be converted into a point of commerce. From magazine ads to billboards to banner ads in emails and web pages--each one can be converted into an actionable function, complete with linked loyalty profile, payments and offers.