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OmnyPay allows retailers to know their customers while they are browsing, shopping and during checkout. By having an improved understanding of shoppers' behavior and profile, retailers are able to better serve them at a personalized level and deliver services and savings that would further enhance customer loyalty. OmnyPay creates a dynamic digital channel between the retailer and the shopper at the time of checkout, allowing shoppers easy, integrated redemption of loyalty, rewards and coupons through a simplified dashboard for maximum savings, steering them towards optimized payment options. OmnyPay helps retailers deliver a consistent experience across all channels - in store, online, in-app, virtual aisle and dynamic media, using any smart mobile device.

Think Mobile First .... Think Mobile Only

Increase Engagement .... Increase Sales

The OmnyPay solution is designed to enhance the 100's of millions of Retailer Apps already dowloaded by loyal customers.  The Retailer Branded experience ensures consistency of messaging and engagement.  By combining Retailer Incentives with Low Cost payments within a branded environment, OmnyPay is able to create a single touch point for all interactions and transactions.


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